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AlexanderI’m working in the Communications and Networking Technology group of the Applied Information Sciences Department. We do a lot of network security work. APL interns are welcomed into the community and treated like real employees. They are given real tasks to complete and the pay is very good.

I like the welcoming atmosphere and community feel of the Lab. The people at APL are very professional but also fun to work with. There are many types of personalities, which is something that I like. I have made friends in other groups from an intern project team. It is easy to network with people using APL social media or by participating in intern or Young Professionals Network activities.

I’ve learned a lot about the defense research industry and government contracting. Because my work was in a field different from my major, my breadth of knowledge was expanded, and I gained exposure to another engineering field.

I have found APL to have a nice mix between an academic and corporate environment. I have learned that there are a lot of different projects with which one can get involved, and I hope to take advantage of this flexibility in the future. I would like to try out working in some different areas of the lab to become exposed to other work.

I would recommend APL to other people because it is a great place to gain real-world engineering experience while still working in an academic environment. Innovation, research, and collaboration are encouraged.