The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory presents "Let's Write a Newspaper Story!"
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Story Scenarios


There are hundreds of stories all around you. Every person, every school, every community has a story to tell. Just keep Who, What, Where, When and Why in mind as you start off with a great lead, tell the story — maybe throwing in a quote or two — and finish off with an eye-catching headline. To make a REALLY great story, use a photo or a graphic.

To start you thinking, here are some of the stories recently turned in by 4th grade students for their newspaper:

All About Jupiter. Be Smart! Don't Start Smoking
Is Pluto Really a Planet? The Rings Around Planets
Will the Yankees Win the World Series? Construction in Our Community
My Dog Mia Help Save Asthma Sufferers
Cherry Tree Farms Construction Motocross Action
The Best Grandmother Scooter Safety
People Like Ice-skating Horseback Riding Dangers
The Funniest Teacher in School The Blizzard in Buffalo
What is a Twin? The Secrets of Soccer
What It's Like to Be in Middle School Don't Do Drugs
Sounds of Wind Instruments A New Teacher
Dangerous Reptiles Kids' Right to Vote
Harry Potter From a Kid to a Redskin
Do Kids Have Too Much Homework? A Hero in Our Midst
Nintendo's Next Game My Soccer Team
The Best Book Fair Halloween Safety Rules
The Vice Principal Talks about School Elementary School Beginner's Band
My New Baby Sister A Motorized Tricycle
Online Safety Homemade Costumes
Kids for President Taking a Look at Space
No Fingerboards in School Homeless (A True Story)
What It's Like to Be a High Schooler Being the Oldest
What's Your Favorite Sport? Why is P.E. a Popular Subject?
The Annual Turkey Trot Mia Hamm: A Great Soccer Player
Where is Celion Dion Now? What Boys and Girls Like to Wear
Chorus Concert Going for the Gold
Alyssa's Favorite P.E. Game Fourth Grade Writers
Engineer Club Builds Rides Based on Books Chorus: On the Road Again
Are Feeder School Systems a Good Idea? The Bulls' Upcoming Season

Give you an idea? Cool. Let's write a newspaper story!

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