The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory presents "Let's Write a Newspaper Story!"
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Maryland State Performance Standards
Course Preview
Maryland State Performance Standards
Howard County Essential Objectives
Lesson Plan

Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to:
Teacher and students
  • Create a piece of writing that enhances the reader's understanding of key ideas and information, using effective introductory and concluding sentences, logical sequencing of ideas and transitional words.

  • Create a clear organizing structure that includes descriptions placed in a logical or chronological sequence in ways that help the reader follow the line of thought.

  • Understand and use available resources to locate relevant information to accomplish the writing task.
  • Connect relevant descriptions, including sensory details, personal experiences, observations, and/or research-based information — linking paragraphs and ideas in ways that make a topic or message clear to the reader.
  • Improve the organization and consistency in ideas among paragraphs by revising writing based on given or self-generated criteria and on others' responses.

  • Self-edit writing using knowledge of Standard English conventions of language (e.g., punctuation, sentence structure, language usage, spelling) and appropriate print and nonprint resources (e.g., dictionary, thesaurus, spelling check software).

  • Prepare writing for publication by using electronic or other resources and use photos or graphics to enhance the final product.


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