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Linking Words and Phrases:

To introduce and organize ideas
First, …To begin with, … Next, … Another …In addition

To introduce details
For example, …For instance, … In fact, … such as … including

To compare and contrast

Similarly Compared to
Even though Rather than
On the contrary Although
However In contrast
On the other hand As opposed to
Have in common Otherwise
  • All necessary information needed to understand the story is present
  • Ideas and actions are fully developed and explained

  • Ideas are organized logically (Beginning, Middle, and End)
  • Topic sentence (the story lead) introduces the topic
  • Sufficient, appropriate details fully support the topic
  • Concluding sentence ties the story together

ttention To Audience

  • Enough information is presented so reader can understand the topic
  • Story answers questions the reader might have

  • Vocabulary is appropriate for the topic
  • Precise, appropriate, and descriptive language adds meaning to the story
  • Variety of sentence structures and use of linking words or phrases, as appropriate, make the story easy to read and understand

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