About the APL Drama Club

How It All Started

Imagine. A man and a woman sit at opposite ends of a room, glaring intensely and mistrustfully at each other as they compete for a project that will bring the winner prestige, status, and a highly-prized trip to a small town in Italy. As the day approaches when the winner would be announced, they sabotage each other constantly by stealing papers, spreading disparaging rumors, stealing work. One even placed a diuretic in the other person's coffee! Oh wait, that's caffeine.... But I digress. The day arrives, and the winner is announced. Tired of all the mistrust and personal attacks, the winner decides to make a peace offering: a collaboration with the loser. The loser exclaims, "You are awesome! Thank you so much! I can't believe that you would share this project with me!" To that, the winner replies, '"The project? Fat chance I'd ever give that up to you! I was talking about starting the APL Drama Club together! Haha, me give you the project!?! Nice try!"

And that folks, is not how the drama club was started! Rather, the club has its origins in the building 17 cafeteria at lunch one fall day in 2009, when a conversation between two Space Department geeks went something like this:

“I do community theater.”
“I almost minored in theater in college.”
“Really? We should start a drama club here.”
“I'm in.”
“Cool. Want to get some pizza?”
“I'm in for that too!”
Scene from The Play On!

The cast and crew of Play On!, an APL Drama Club production.

And so the drama club was born! We have officially been a club since Spring 2010. Our goal is to produce free, high-quality theatrical productions at least twice a year for APL employees, their families, and their friends. If you are an actor, writer, technician, patron of the stage, or someone who at one point may just have had a little bit of interest or curiosity in the theater, then the APL Drama Club is for you! Members range from the experienced to the complete novice and we are open to all! So please come and join us on the journey as we grow and evolve. Or at least come and see a free show! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions, comments, or concerns.