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Clayton's Groovy Science

"Groovy Science" is a dynamic, interactive learning experience for students from kindergarten through high school. The program was conceived and developed more than 10 years ago by a staff member from APL's Milton Eisenhower Research Center who wanted to share with children his excitement and appreciation for the world of science. "Groovy Science" has been presented at Science Fairs, Scouting events, and other school functions.

The First Visit

This program delivers an enthusiastic look at some amazing science demonstrations. The audience is encouraged to participate and volunteers are used to assist with experiments and demonstrations. Students will erupt with a newfound enthusiasm for the world of science.

Second Visit, "He's Back"

The exciting experiments of the first program are taken to the next level. The program also includes the infamous Boomer, a flying wheel, and the Magic of Critical Thinking trick.

Things that Fly n Y

The theory of flight is presented using electric fans and leaf blowers. A flying spinning wheel and a four-prop helicopter is flown. The presentation includes awesome photos of aircraft and movies of supersonic flybys. Students discover that science will allow them to soar to great heights.

The Sensational Science of Sound Show

Sound effects and a voice changer are used to demonstrate the power of sound. The fundamentals of energy, vibration, and sound waves are demonstrated. Students will experience a variety of objects generating sound including the "singing rod" and "singing glasses."

Bicycle Science

A variety of bicycles are used to discuss the science of the bicycle. Levers, spinning, and helmets are all topics covered. A cantaloupe is dropped without a helmet and then with a helmet to demonstrate the importance of head protection. And other smashing presentations.

Space Science

A variety of concepts including gravity, propulsion, spinning, pressure, and temperature are demonstrated. Students will discover the many problems that must be solved to venture into space. They will also experience unique demonstrations that bring Space Science alive before their very eyes.

Science is Everywhere

This program is designed for pre-schoolers as young as three. Simple household items such as balloons, bags, hair dryers, and film canisters are used to experience the magic of science. A very respectful, smart, and gentle behavior are Groovy Clayton's style when he presents to pre-schoolers.

Customized Programs

Customized Programs are available upon request. Such specific topics as Newton's Laws 123 and It's Electric have been presented at the request of PTAs and teachers. Having difficulty conveying a math or science concept, we can help.

For more information, contact:
Groovy Clayton, 443-778-4149