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Air and Missile Defense Department

The programs of the Air and Missile Defense Department (AMDD) advance the effectiveness and readiness of U.S. military forces. Our staff focuses on devising practical solutions to the ever-present challenges of countering high-performance ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and threat aircraft in realistic operational environments.

  • AMDD staff
  • AMDD staff

At AMDD, the emphasis is on solving problems by developing advanced concepts and prototypes, and through applying the principles of systems engineering from components and subsystems to total theater-wide capabilities. The need for military services and their units to operate as a single integrated force poses challenges in areas of demonstrated AMDD expertise, including systems engineering; command, control, and coordination; and development, testing, and evaluation of air defense-related systems and technologies.

From pioneering work in guided missile technology for the U.S. Navy to a key role developing the Aegis Combat System, AMDD actively develops programs of upgrades and improvements to address the evolving needs of today and for the future. For many AMDD programs, APL serves as the multi-organizational technical lead or technical advisor for major military systems, such as Aegis and the Standard Missile.

Major program areas include the Cooperative Engagement Capability, a "system of systems" that networks multiple platforms for sensor netting and weapons engagement purposes. AMDD also has an important role in the development of ballistic missile defense under the Missile Defense Agency.