You Can't Hide From THIS Kind of Light!

Have you ever wondered how your Xbox knows where you are and what you're doing? Hear an APL engineer describe how light is used to detect motion and distance.

Subject: Energy & Waves (Light)


Rocket Science 101

Sir Isaac Newton was ahead of his time, developing the foundations of forces and motion that have taken "rocket science" from science fiction to reality.

Subject: Forces & Motion (Newton's Laws)


How Geometry Lends a Hand for Prosthetics

Armed with math concepts like geometry, APL engineers are learning how to build and control mechanical limbs whose complexity rivals that of the human body.

Subject: Geometry


What Figure Skaters and Satellites in Orbit Have in Common

An APL engineer describes how the same principles that explain the beauty of an ice skater in motion also help launch satellites into orbit.

Subject: Forces & Motion (Conservation of Momentum)


See Gravity at Work, Even in the Ocean!

You can run AND hide if you know how to use the principles of gravity to travel quietly under the ocean and evade your enemies.

Subjects: Forces & Motion (Newton's Laws, Gravitational Force)


I Hear You Coming!

Learn about how sound is used to determine the distance between objects and how the environment affects the way sound waves travel.

Subject: Sound Waves