What's New with the APL Drama Club?

Flaming Idiots

Join the Drama Club for our latest production: Flaming Idiots, by Tom Rooney!

In this riotous and silly comedy, two regular guys named Phil and Carl decide to open up a restaurant. The only problem? They have no idea how to actually run a restaurant! Predictably, their restaurant flounders, and Phil and Carl are on the brink of ruin. Then inspiration strikes them: Zippy's, a much more popular restaurant, has been packed since the famous mobster Cy Manamalancia was shot there over twenty years ago. What if something similar could happen at Phil and Carl's restaurant... They hatch a plan, and it goes terribly - but hilariously for us, the audience!

Come on over to see this side-splitting show performed in the Kossiakoff Center Auditorium on the following Summer dates:

All performances are free and open to the public. We hope you can join us!

A Drama Club FAQ

The Drama Club produced a short set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) for their production of Fools: