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Oral presentation at IEEE Engineering Medicine Biology Society conference. Sep 2005.

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BWI Airport

August 2005. Inside the triage ambulance at BWI Fire and Rescue department.


Surveillance and Incident Reporting PDA
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David Crawford, Tia Gao

A Surveillance and Incident Reporting PDA (SIRP) is a handheld unit for medical field personnel to collect and report clinical information on sick or injured people during large public events.  SIRP device contains a wireless transmitter and a patient medical history card reader.  SIRP wirelessly transmits data to the AID-N server and to other databases (including a syndromic surveillance database). SIRP allows emergency responders to

- record the essential information of a patient at the disaster scene: including chief complaint, apparent syndromes, gender, age, current location, and location at the time of the injury or onset of illness.  SIRP contains a patient medical history card reader to help expedite this process.

- collect other disease information at the event, such as animal sicknesses, apparent environmental hazards, weather conditions, and more.

- record and review incident information: hazardous materials, maps of marked areas of the disaster scene