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Oral presentation at IEEE Engineering Medicine Biology Society conference. Sep 2005.

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BWI Airport

August 2005. Inside the triage ambulance at BWI Fire and Rescue department.

Web Portal

web based information center sharing critical information on incidents and patients
Online Demo Coming Soon

Cassius Sims, Tia Gao

webportal for emergency department personnel Our web-based information portal allows different types of users to access the incident and patient information in real-time. Our current demo has the following types of users:

1) Emergency department personnel login to the portal to retrieve information about the patients who are being transported to their hospital. 

2) Incident commanders login to the portal to see summaries of patients at particular disaster scenes.   The incident commanders can review the number of patients for each triage color in order to make informed requests for additional medical supplies and personnel and properly allocate available resources.

3) Medical specialists, often located at distant facilities, may be called on to give treatment instructions to the medics at the scene. They log in to view real-time medical data of the patient being treated. They can also review the triage colors of patients at the scene to verify that the patients have been accurately triaged.