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Oral presentation at IEEE Engineering Medicine Biology Society conference. Sep 2005.

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BWI Airport

August 2005. Inside the triage ambulance at BWI Fire and Rescue department.

Vital Mote Sensors

intelligent triage tags, wireless vital signs sensors, and location sensors

VitalMote Front View VitalMote is wearable device that is worn on the patient’s wrist or neck.   It monitors patients triage status, vital signs, and location in both indoor and outdoor environments.  VitalMote devices connects to a base station over an ad-hoc mesh network.

VitalMote Software

patient monitoring and reporting software suite

laptop with software suite and usb transceiverA usb transceiver is plugged into a laptop to communicate with the patients' VitalMotes. This transceiver can plug-and-play with any USB compatible device – such as a laptop, tablet PC, or PDA.  A VitalMote software suite runs on the laptop: its capabilities include vital signs monitoring, map-based patient tracking, and pre-hospital patient care reporting. 

Web Portal

web based information center sharing critical information on incidents and patients

screenshot of web portal for emergency department personnel Our web-based information portal allows different types of users to access the incident and patient information in real-time. Our current demo has the following types of users:


syndromic surveillence incident reporting

A Surveillance and Incident Reporting PDA (SIRP) is a handheld unit for medical field personnel to collect and report clinical information on sick or injured people during large public events. 


video telementoring to facilitate triage and treatment

bullet headmount camera and display To assist responders in treating a medically-diverse group of patients, we propose that medical experts outside of the affected region mentor the first responders in the patients’ treatment until the patients could be transported to a higher level of care.

Web Services

service oriented architecture

Service oriented architecture enables integration with Michaels ambulance triage system, ESSENCE disease surveillance system and WISER hazmat PDA