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Mass Casualty Field Test Exercise

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BWI Airport

August 2005. Inside the triage ambulance at BWI Fire and Rescue department.


Creating innovative solutions to save lives in medical emergencies...

The Advanced Health and Disaster Aid Network (AID-N) develops and provides technology-based solutions to enable medical personnel at large-scale incidents to more efficiently triage, track, and transport patients while sharing the most accurate and real-time patient information.  By using technologies including ad-hoc wireless networks, web portals, electronic triage tags, and wearable vital sign sensors, AID-N dramatically enhances collaboration between personnel at all levels of the emergency response community and ensures that all patients are accounted for.  The AID-N solution has great potential for improving today’s emergency response system, especially in mass casualty situations.


Technology Open House Friday June 23, 2006

Demonstrations of emergency response technologies for patient monitoring, vehicle tracking, automated triage, etc.


Mass Casualty Field Test Exercise on Saturday August 5, 2006 at Montgomery Blair High School.

Demonstration of AID-N is conducted in collaboration with emergency responders in Montgomery County Maryland and emergency care specialists in Baltimore Maryland.


AID-N is sponsored by the National Library of Medicine as part of the Scalable Information Infrastructure (SII) program


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